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Safety Data

Aviation safety data collection is a critical component in ensuring the safe operation of aircraft. This process includes the collection and analysis of data related to various aspects of aviation safety.

Through the diligent tracking of safety-related information from MOR and VOR data, measures can be developed and implemented to reduce the risk of accidents and incidents in achieving the target of zero fatalities in air travel.

The data analysis has been obtained from the MOR and VOR reports from CAReS in order to provide comprehensive insights into the relevant metrics and key performance indicators.






Note: Please note that the information presented in the following has been provided by CAReS in the year 2023

Mandatory Occurrence Reporting (MOR) Data Analysis

MOR 2023

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Top 5 MOR Occurrence

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Top 5 MOR In Month

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Top 5 Occurrence

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My Other Example Heading

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Voluntary  Occurrence Report (VOR)

Voluntary Occurrence Reports (VORs) are classed as:

  • Occurrences not captured by the mandatory reporting system
  • Other safety related information which is perceived by the reporter as an actual or potential hazard to aviation safety