CAAM Aviation Reporting System - CAReS

Aviation Safety Report

Use this form to report any civil aviation accidents, serious incidents, occurrences and voluntary reporting, as specified in CAR 2016 & CAD 1900 , which have taken place in the territory of Malaysia or involved a Malaysian aircraft operating outside Malaysia.

Voluntary Reporting

Submit a voluntary report relating to safety concern, issues and hazard to aviation

Mandatory Occurrence Reporting

Submit a report for mandatory occurrence of accident, serious incident, or incident.

Voluntary  Occurrence Report (VOR)

Voluntary Occurrence Reports (VORs) are classed as:

  • Occurrences not captured by the mandatory reporting system
  • Other safety related information which is perceived by the reporter as an actual or potential hazard to aviation safety


Mandatory Occurrence Report (MOR)

This report applicable for

  • Incident relating to an aircraft
  • Defect or malfunctioning of any facility for the purpose operation of aircraft
  • MOR airworthiness aspect
  • MOR dangerous goods incident & accident
  • Air traffic incident 
  • Wildlife hazard and birdstrike
- Initial Report
- Initial & Closed on Issue
- Follow-up Report
- Final Report

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